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¿Qué pasaría si todos los volcanes hicieran erupción? http://ow.ly/HR6DT

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Predicting Volcanic Eruptions: Modeling Magma Wagging to Anticipate Volcanic Behavior

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Mayon Volcano, Philippines---that's neat   looking! I so want to see something like this in real life someday   :)

A forked tongue of lava scorches a side of the Philippines' Mayon Volcano on December Mayon Volcano's recent eruptions may come as small surprise to area residents, many of whom likely remember the volcano's last eruption.

Puyehue Vulcanic erution

atmospheric-phenomena: “Red smoke at Puyehue volcano eruption, Argentina 2011 ”


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Fuego, Guatemala

Fuego, Guatemala

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Original fine art Paris photography by Irene Suchocki. Heart-shaped lights in the streets of Paris create a romantic mood. TITLE: Looking

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Pu'u O’o eruption, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; photo by Greg Vaughn. I would love to visit one day to see the volcanoes.

The Milky Way creates a rainbow of stars above Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. On a cold, clear night, photographer Majeed Badizadegan captured multiple vertical shots to create this panoramic image, where the foreground is lit entirely by starlight.

Paricutin Volcano - Mexico

The volcano or Paricutin is the youngest volcano in the world and appears in some versions of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.


Kilauea News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip

Volcano oozes lava into the ocean. Lava from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park pours into the Pacific Ocean. The lava is entering the Pacific from several points along the Wilipe'a delta.