Niall imagine. That'd be awesome and embarrassing at the same time.

Hahaha this is absolutely amazayn! I love it for real! And look at Zayn's face!

hipster 1d | one direction imagines # niall horan----this is hilarious and adorable at the same time

Niall i can't see without thows Niall: But i like them Me: Haha ok ok u can wear them Niall: Yay

Why not just put Y/N. I always have a name in mine though because I feel like it adds more emotion into the story/imagine.

Niall Horan imagine ignore the name unless your name is Logan, lol

I wouldn't want to Skype with anyone else

One Direction Imagines. Me=dead. niall girls will be dead too Check out the website to see


Imagine Niall video chatting with u on his phone . Because he's on tour and he misses u so much . That he can't stop saying that you're so beautiful and that your the love of his life .