Replace the boy with girl and this could easily be my chacter

dialogue Prompt "I knew what you were from the beginning. I could smell the blood. You were born to spill blood, boy.

I saw him - the boy I had to kill. He didn't look like much, but boy, was I wrong.

He had tried just to blend in at school wearing plain clothes and acting shy, same as me so I didn't spare him a second glance.

He had a list of things he needed to do. The very first thing was always "Confess". Every day, it went untouched.

Confess about your revenge plot Berkett. Come on Berkett, you can do it. Say something!" You idiot.


Writing prompt Your character is stranded on an island. They are alone, or so they assumed. Until he/she wakes up to find a message written in the sand.

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Story prompt - “Leapers” are rare people born in a leap year, on the of February, who age four times slower than everyone else.

writing prompt - The fence was ten feet high, smooth as glass and black as tar. We spent every lunchtime pressed against it, straining to hear through the cracks.

Writing Prompt-She had never before seen that much blood-June 2016-Mystery Prompts

Writing Prompt-She had never before seen that much blood-June Prompts<---Well, that was a lie. She studied the pool spreading below his body.

character bank

A strong-willed elegant southern belle.

character bank // a strong-willed, elegant southern belle who works as an assassin against the forces of darkness.