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FRANCIA. Dos mujeres se besan delante de un grupo de personas que participaban en una manifestación contra el matrimonio gay y la adopción por parejas del mismo sexo.

Lesbian couple kisses in front of a anti-gay protest in France. Two young women kissing in front of anti Marriage for All law crowd in Marseilles, France on Oct (Picture taken by the photographer Gérard Julien).

Ally Hills & Stevie Boebi

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Shannon and Cammie

Marnie and Harlow. We were becoming closer with everything we did.

Girls Like Girls (2015), d. Austin S. Winchell & Hayley Kiyoko, d.p. Chris Saul

Hayley Kiyoko 'Girls Like Girls' Music Video - Cinematography by Chris Saul


This is the epitome of courage.

Why should being who you feel you are, wrong? >> Quoteworthy: Penalty for homosexuality in Uganda: DEATH. Held their first gay pride parade any way. LGBT are human rights.

Gay rights in the US, state by state infographic

Gay rights in the US, state by state

Gay rights laws in America have evolved to allow — but in some cases ban — rights for gay, lesbian and transgender people on a range of issues, including marriage, hospital visitation, adoption…

Gender equality, it can go both ways. The world needs to learn how to treat each other equally.

Gender equality

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