Supernatural Blooper // J2

Supernatural Blooper // ----> A good amount of the early season bloopers just include Jensen yellig at Jared for interrupting his lines by making him laugh.

Oh,  Gabriel

What's safer (or more enticing) than the backseat of the Winchester Impala?sudden realization it's because he felt safe with the winchesters everywhere else he was just considered weird

Plaid. The Winchester uniform.

"Hunter Cas" in the Supernatural hunter uniform. Deans face is absolutely star struck ❤️

That sounds like him

Jensen's always had a way with the ladies. I love this it is so adorable. It was just a natural reaction to grab her and kiss her that is just hilarious and adorable. >>> How do you even get suspended from preschool, though?

Sam, Sammi, Sam Winchester

Sam, Sammy, Sam Winchester -- and all three versions can kill just about anything or anyone

Jensen's looks mmmmmm! ❤

Jensen's eyes in interviews ".shut your eyes or take your clothes off" omg I burst out laughing!<-- * Dean * "don't objectify me!

2.22, All Hell Breaks Lose: Part Two

It s like he has always been hoped for someone to love him the way he does. But knowing it would never happen because. He loved Sam more than Sam loved him. With that kind of desperation.