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Though not a functional aid to navigation, the Grafton, Illinois Lighthouse stands to commemorate the Great Flood of 1993 which nearly washed away the small Mississippi River town.


Fort Niagara Lighthouse at the mouth of the Niagara River, Youngstown, New York, USA, built by the French in 1726

Lighthouse in Frankfort - This scares me because it's so beautiful... As weird as that sounds.

Lighthouse in Frankfort,Michigan - This scares me because it's so beautiful. As weird as that sounds.

Rock Island Lighthouse - The lighthouse was originally commissioned in 1847 and is located on the St. Lawrence River in the 1000 Islands Region of upstate NY. Wellesley Island and the 1000 Islands Park Corporation is in the background

Holland Harbor Lighthouse, Michigan, USA

Holland Harbor Light (Big Red), Holland, Michigan, located at the south side of the entrance to Lake Macatawa from Lake Michigan--LHF-history

Manistee, Michigan - North Pierhead Lighthouse-you will see this lighthouse if you venture down Manistee River into Lake Michigan for a little salmon fishing.

Manistee North Pierhead, located in Manistee on the north side of the mouth of the Manistee River--LHF-history