Watercolour portrait

Olivier Bartoli Watercolour, Masking fluid Eduardo Week 2 Bartoli has such a playful use of colour in his works. He also has a very strong sense of light in his works. His use of the masking fluid - particularly in hair is very controlled.

DREAM (Acrylic and Watercolor on Paper) by Lesya Poplavskaya | Motion Effects by rexisky

rexisky: “ DREAM (Acrylic and Watercolor on Paper) by Lesya Poplavskaya

Daniel Maltzman

Daniel Maltzman

Oriol Angrill Jordà... | Kai Fine Art

Oriol Angrill Jordà studied illustration in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. He has lived in London UK where he increased his skills doing a course of printmaking at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and life drawing at The Art Academy.

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Max Gasparini 1970 ~ Portrait painter

Distressed cardboard mixed media portrait with dry brush technique by Max Gasparini.

-Max Gasparini- 'La nuit d'eté' (painting. 2014)

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