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Durante mi tiempo libre me tambien gusta mirar a la tele. Me gusta mirar a la tele porque es muy interesante y asombroso.

Finn, Jake the Dog, Princess Bubblegum and their friends head to theaters for a feature length "Adventure Time" movie from Warner Bros.

Finished reading the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trilogy. How am I supposed to live without Christian Grey?

Finished reading the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trilogy. How am I supposed to live without Christian Grey? -- life is getting easier :]

e cards | Tumblr

Free and Funny Congratulations Ecard: As all our friends start popping out babies, let's go celebrate our empty wombs with frozen margaritas.

The other use of sunglasses...

Ok so i do pay bills with mine but would so do this if i wasn't married & had kids!

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Bullying is More Than Mean

Funny Confession Ecard: When a girl says she'll be ready in 5 minutes, she's using the same time scale a guy is when he says the game has 5 minutes left.

I can't stop laughing!!!


Aging Humor: Nurse: The doctor would like a stool sample, a urine sample, and a sperm sample. Husband: What did she say? Wife: They want your underwear.

If Dr. Seuss wrote Breaking Bad.

Seuss v Breaking Bad (x-post from r/breakingbad) in Album: Alternative Art

Fun things to make and do with Kate & Mim-Mim!

Kate stars with her larger-than-life bunny buddy Mim-Mim, setting off on fun and fantastical adventures in the imaginary world of Mimiloo!

good track lists for Alphablocks videos

good track lists for Alphablocks videos

alpha blocks - Google Search

alpha blocks - Google Search

So very True. Bugs Bunny, the original RuPaul!!!  Luv it ♡♥♡

Bugs Bunny : where kids learned about classical music and drag queens

And of course I read this in Ron Burgundy's voice.  :-)

Bravely biting the hand that feeds you.

ron burgundy on the dodge durango. Drove a dodge durango so this is funny xD

Blunt Cards Coffee | can t tell you the number of times i ve fantasized about running my ...

I+grocery store and Walmart! Hate going shopping. can't+tell+you+the+number+of+times+I've+fantasized+about+running+my+cart+into+the+heels+of+the+stupid+people+that+block+the+aisles+at+the+grocery+store.