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This is how I will dress when I'm old and grey

I think grey haired ladies look AWESOME in silver and grey! Looks like top will just camouflage a little thicker waist and tummy.

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I have wanted to share this outtake from a shoot I did with Jenny Hirschowitz for a long time. It’s one of my favorite shots that never made the cut.

Yasminia Rossi, 58 years old, model and photographer "It protects me everywhere I go in the world", Ms Rossi said. "I've been in deep Amazonia, I’ve been in Egypt, and in places completely isolated, and people were respectful of me because of my gray hair.”.

For Yasmina Rossi, a model and photographer, long, gray hair functions as an enveloping cloak. It protects me everywhere I go in the world, Ms. Rossi said. Ive been in deep Amazo