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Gato negro...

About three years ago, a small ball of black fuzz appeared meowing loudly in my yard. This stray kitten began my love affair with black ca.

Sometimes called a Tiffany, these delightful and affectionate felines are also some of the most loyal creatures around.

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Chantilly/Tiffany cat I wonder if Alphonse has a bit of this breed in him.. they're also chatty & walks with a kinky tail :3

Chantilly/Tiffany cat I wonder if Alphonse has a bit of this breed in him. they're also chatty & walks with a kinky tail

Black Cat | by scattered1

** "Yer gonna startz lecture 'bouts stayin' out allz night? Me hadz a Dudectomy. Wut yoo frettin' about?

The Creative Cat - It’s Friday the 13th—Adopt a Black Cat!

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I never thought I'd say this, but... I think I want a cat. An Abyssinian Cat to be exact. #doglover #feline

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Abyssinian Cat the cat with an impressive and decent personality.These cats are also related to Egypt as paintings tells us about their existence there.These cats are medium to large sized cats and are alert and playful.They are very much people pleasing

RavenShadow- mysterious, secretive, pretty she cat. She is slow to trust but always has your back. Me

Black cats have grown on me. But I don't want just a regular black cat.I want this black cat Maine coons!

<b>Because cats were made to break the internet.</b> Via <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"><i>Cats 101</i>.</a>

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat - Country of origin: Norway This badass little kitty is as tough as nails. Any cat hearty enough to travel the high seas with the Vikings must be exceptionally energetic and fiercely loyal. (from another pinner)

We have been adopted by a beautiful Chantilly cat we have named Roamy. Such a sweet cat!

10 Most Friendly Cat Breeds in The World

The Chantilly cat is a friendly and well balanced cat. Also known as the Tiffany cat, you can read more about Chantilly or Tiffany cat breed here.