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I swear these are real birds and not made-up, even if they do look too comical to be real. (In Maryland, I think these are Golden Crowned Kinglets*)

A Quetzal. It's feathers were used by Mayans as money

Look, a Quetzal.

To Aztecs Mayans: "god of the air." Feathers used by Mayans as money. Now the National Bird of Guatemala, who's currency is still called the "quetzal.

European Red Robin taking a bath to clean its feathers. #PANDORAloves this amazing photo of the cute little bird.

Robin taking a bath.European Robin (Erithacus rubecula), known simply as the robin in the British Isles

Tiny but Tough!

Fairy-wren:baby Killdeer(Charadrius Vociferus) That's what I call chicken legs.


OH, is this sweet or what, love blue birds! Baby Blue Bird—Content in a Cottage

This is cute

Poster Print Wall Art Print entitled Cute small birds on tree branch looking at pink flower.