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I don't know why I love this picture so much

dedicated to all one piece fans. Wallpaper and background photos of *Zoro*Sanji*Luffy*Shirahoshi* for fans of One Piece images.

tumblr_o8nwkrQtJF1vrjno8o1_500.gif (450×340)

Law dislikes this as you can tell by his face

OMG i totally ship them so  hard

One Piece. its almost like they're a deadly, yet cute team. Also, it was only Robin who has seen Zoro's softer side with the kids in Water 7 after the end of Enies Lobby war, AND kept it a secret! Robin knows Zoro more than anyone

Ace hat sich äußerlich extrem positiv verbessert, im direkten Vergleich von Alabsta und Marineford

Rimarrai per sempre nei nostri cuori❤️😭😭😭

One Piece

One Piece