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Conception does begin in the vaginal floor

ajourneyroundmyskull: “ The mystery of fecundation from the Illustrated Birth Control Manual, Valeria Hopkins Parker M., Cadillac Publishing Co.

Schönheit hat jede Form.

They seem rousing and feminist, but do advertisements like Lane Bryant’s ‘I’m No Angel’ campaign merely trade on body insecurity to sell bras and panties?

The drawings are simple and gorgeous: Each one features a curvy woman thinking an inspirational thought or having an empowering conversation with another woman.

This Teenager's Gorgeous Illustrations of Curvy Women Are Insanely Empowering

In a series called Cosmic Cuties, Mikhaila Nodel creates curvy goddesses who fly among the stars trumpeting acceptance.

Body love support for men too, including non-white men!

[picture captioned “men need body love support too”. It has three drawings of light-skinned men with different body types: a m.