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Como cruzar un rio con balsas improvisadas

Como cruzar un rio con balsas improvisadas

Color me skeptical.  No fruit or meat of any kind, and the only vegetables are dried legumes?  Who "recommended" this diet?  Still, the suggested supplies would make a good foundation on which to build.

Gluten Free Food Storage – 1 year for 1 person

totally basic, but all you need for a 1 year supply for 1 person. sustainable living totally basic, but all you need for a 1 year supply for 1 person.

bark aspirin... need to get some of these trees in my garden... at the very least, know where there are some in the neighborhood!

Make Aspirin if You're Lost in the Woods

How to Make Aspirin From Bark Perhaps the greatest medicine ever invented by man is aspirin. Here you will learn how to make your own aspirin in the wilderness. Everything you need to survive is provided by nature, often in quantities so vast they may

Image: Why adding Alum to your prepper kit will dramatically increase your water purification ability

Why adding Alum to your prepper kit will dramatically increase your water purification ability

--- Living Prepared ---: Dirty Water and How to Easily Clarify Before Ceramic Filtering. Use powdered alum as a blood stop.

This is neat product for the hiker. It's a Cocoon Emergency Shelter. If you find yourself out and maybe lost this is a portable light shelter that you can keep in your backpack so you can just simply tie onto a tree and keep safe until morning.

Somebody please buy me a Cocoon Emergency Shelter. Can you imagine the conversation starter that this would be? Hello, I'm Tyler and I own a Cocoon Emergency Shelter.

When an axe isn't at hand, this cast iron wood splitter is the next best  thing. This technique has been used in Scandinavia for over 25 years,  primarily for splitting kindling, and is built to last and endure.  Amazingly strong, easy and highly efficient, its structure uses only two  main components - the staircase and the blade; the stepped staircase can  support up to 100kg of hand force, holding logs up to 40cm long in position  while easily using the blade to spilt. Powerful and ...

Cast Iron Wood Splitter

Discover thousands of images about Cast iron wood splitter. Definitely need one on the bus to fire up our wood stove on cold nights.

How to Build a Trap: 15 Best Survival Traps | Survival skills every man should know | Survival | The Outdoors | Extremely-Sharp.com

How To Build A Trap 15 Best Survival Traps Survival Skills Every Man Should Know Survival The Outdoo 2

“Get your kit now here: www.gerbergear.com/company/apocalypse-kit_30-000601”

Bring on the wild game, or zombies. Whichever come first! Great Gift idea for the guy in your life

This is made from a recycled wine barrel that I adopt from Californias Central Coast wine growing region. These are approx.30 wide by 10 deep. The

The AuthenTEAK Wine Barrel Stave Swing is constructed in the USA from recycled spent oak wine barrels and has a dark walnut finish.

How To Build Solar Panels With Pop-Cans DIY

"How To Build DIY Solar Panels Out of Pop-Cans" -- Previous pinner: "Aluminium can solar collector. We built one for the chicken coop, now to build a larger one for the house.

How To Identify Spiders Bites And Treat them | Guide For Prepping and Surviving. This is scary! Someone told me not to worry about hobo and wolf spiders. WRONG!!

USA common spider identification chart - we've got widows & wolf spiders. Widows are beautiful spiders

Allt du behöver yxa & såg i ett

The Woodsman Axe/Multi Camp & Firewood Tool with Replacement Blades is a versatile all-in-one tool set that includes a bow saw, mallet, stake puller, hatchet and optional replacement blades. Perfect for your burly mountain man or amateur woodsman.

How to Trap - This is my Journey & Adventures

This is my Journey & Adventures: How to Trap. *Excellent resource for writing.