Pinata costume! So cute & unique.

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DIY Halloween Costume: Pinata

For Halloween, I am a firm believer in making your own costume every year. I find store bought ones over priced, unoriginal and usually of bad quality. This year, my roommate and I decided to be …

Easy Homemade Costume Ideas (We Promise You Can Do These!)

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Bubble bath costume!?!

Bubble bath Halloween costume - white balloons (safety pin on), rubber duck and rubber boots.

Tracy: Halloween is the one time of the year to get creative and dress up in a unique one of a kind costume. I spend a lot of time to think...

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Laundry costume but I would make it gorgeous and glamourize laundry and wear it myself. I don't know any little boys that would be into this. :) There would be all kinds of jokes I could tell at the party I went to. I know a ton of laundry jokes.

Washing Machine Halloween Costume: My wee boy, Cooper, is washing machine daft. He knows all the makes and loves looking at them in books etc. We decided to make him a washing machine

tutu penguin - DIY for Life

tutu penguin

Kid costumes DIY penguin tutu, also site for: pumpkin, mini mouse, tinker bell also great for dress up time