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Copper Mint Splatter Nails Tutorial

Copper Mint Splatter Nails Tutorial - You could really use this plastic bag technique with any nail design!

Creatively Clever Nail Art Hacks - DIY Dotting Tool - Easy DIY Ideas, Tips, And Tutorials For Nail Art Hacks. Every Girl Needs To Try These Awesome Ideas For Glitter, That Go Great With Makeup That Is Simple And It Works. These Hacks Are Step By Step And Easy And Clever - http://thegoddess.com/nail-art-hacks

41 Creatively Clever Nail Art Hacks

Check out these easy DIY nail art hacks. We've gathered the most awesome ideas, tips, and tutorials we could find. Simple makeup ideas for every girl.

Make your own nail polish stickers!

Make your own nail polish stickers! Here's what you need: nail polish, Base coat, scotch tape, and a top coat. 1 Pick a design you'd like to paint on your nail, and find scotch tape. Hmm I wonder if this works.

18 Easy Step By Step Summer Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners & Learners 2015

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DIY & Tips Nails Art 2017 / 2018 metallic sharpie nail art -Read More -

No Mess Easy Water Marble Nails tutorial @alpsnailart   - http://www.alpsnailart.com/water-marble-nail-art-applique-tutorial-alpsnailart/ www.nailsmag.com #nailart #watermarblenails

No mess Water marble nail art Applique and Creative Water marble nails Tutorial Part I - Alps Nail Art

Nail Stamping tutorial with tips and tricks. Where to buy nail stamping supplies, and reviews of products.

REALLY informative stamping post - Indian Ocean Polish: Everything I Know About Nail Stamping!

Cupcake Nail tutorial

Cupcake nail art tutorial :: how to paint a cupcake design onto your nails with just 4 steps.

The soothing colors of turquoise are welcome on any day. The ‘turquoise treasure’ mani will surely live up to it’s sophisticated name. Apply a base coat of essie ‘millionails’, follow it with 2 coats ‘turquoise & caicos’. Next, apply one coat of ‘trophy wife’ and follow it up with a coat of ‘buy me a cameo’. Let these 4 coats completely dry. Dab a little nail polish remover on a cotton swab and use a swiping or a dabbing motion over the nail. That’s it! Your mani is ready for any occasion.

Turquoise Treasure, Nail Art by Essie Looks. Create a textured at-home manicure with turquoise and metallic nail lacquers

Want ombré nails but don't have a sponge? Don't worry there's a solution!

Ombre Nails - DIY

Want ombré nails?but you forgot to buy sponges or just don't have any?here is a trick to ombré nails without a sponge!