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Matsuri Cinemex: Millennium Actress (Sennen joyû)

7 Anime Hollywood Should Remake After Ghost In The Shell

whore of babylon - Pesquisa Google

The Beast of the Apocalypse, for the pizdets calendar by Yana Moskaluk

パプリカ [Paprika] (2006), by Satoshi Kon

Paprika - Satoshi Kon Love this anime movie, but the dolls creeped me out. I already don't care for dolls that much any way and then that just made it worse. Love the movie though

Best full movies available for viewing on YouTube, including Millennium Actress, a beautiful anime

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Perfect Blue- very interesting...and sad

Perfect Blue is such an awesome creepy movie. I love Satoshi Kon.

Paprika Detective de los Sueños [Bluray][M][P] - Identi

NeFi :: Paprika – This main character, and the whole film itself, is a type of metaphor for Ne. The entire premise is fantastical and exemplifies the chaotic, and sometimes paranoid/wild imag…


voulair: “idk i was gonna do that 9 movies that describe your aesthetic but here are some good animated movies ”