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In celebration of their 125th year anniversary, Coca-Cola with Selfridges reproduced their first vintage bottle: The Hutchinson

Original Coca–Cola Hutchinson Bottle

Nab yourself a piece of timeless memorabilia with this Exclusive to Selfridges original Coca–Cola bottle. In celebration of Coca–Cola's year anniversary, the very first vintage Coca–Cola bottle–the.

Monakrivo Extra Olive Oil via @thedieline

Monakrivo Extra Olive Oil

Monakrivo is a superior quality olive oil with golden colour, rich aroma, full flavour and very low acidity.

Colorado Visual Identity by Berger & Föhr | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Too bad they chose a crappy logo instead of this one or our our good ol' state flag. This one does look cool on a beer bottle.