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Chic Homemade Necklace – Make Your Own Chain Necklace with 3 Easy Steps

Free jewelry making instructions about how to build your very own bib necklace, style with opaque white acrylic rhinestone bead and gold spacer bead;

Bold exotic jewelry making project about a piece of vintage-inspired statement necklace; you’ll enjoy the hue and pattern definitely. While making your own necklace, nothing but some patience is required!

I love heart shape also the turquoise, its perfect for me to possess heart pendant turquoise jewelry. Have a look at the tutorials to make heart turquoise jewelry step by step.

This easy but elegant pearl and gold chain dangle necklace is finished! How adorable it is!

This easy but elegant pearl and gold chain dangle necklace is finished!

The Jeweller's Guide to Baisic Wire Wrapping by ~pixie-trick on deviantART

A continuation of the "Jeweller's Guide" series- this time for basic wire wrapping. If you use or re-post this tutorial anywhere, please credit me (srto. The Jeweller's Guide to Baisic Wire Wrapping

How to Make Gold Chain Tassel Necklace with Colorful Glass Drop Beads Dangles

Did you plan to try some easy necklace designs? Here is a good choice for you – handmade gold chain tassel necklace with colorful glass drop beads dangles!

Beading tutorials-handmade bead jewelry for matching with sweater

Here are one of collection of beading tutorials to get you start a piece of handmade bead jewelry. It is a long necklace mainly out of chain and several shell beads.

Love the glitters on these paper beads

Paper Beads - Paper beads are a great craft project for both kids and adults. Bust out all of your most colorful paper scraps and have fun creating beautiful jewelry for your whole family.


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Make a Necklace Out of Chunky Beads - Make Your Own Statement Necklace

With a few of lovely beads to make your own statement necklace! I present you a quick way to make a statement necklace.

Easy Home Made Jewelry- How to Make a Necklace with Natural Stone Beads

This easy homemade jewelry is an easy one to make, but a bit time-consuming and will need a little of your patience! Read on to know how to make a necklace with natural stone beads.