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Yep, a lot of times people grab stuff before I can just because they don't want me to carry anything.

In our choir class girls arent allowed to move things (rizers, pianos, ect.) We just hold door and know where everything is supposed to go, but in band I'm the only girl in percussion and I feel like this is going to happen.

Dude Sam is in the blanket. Irl Sam is always wrapped up in blankets and that's when she wishes for telekinesis

Fun fact: Pompeii has actually erupted since the legendary disaster we all know. Why do people live within a sixty mile radius of it honestly

Except it's usually Mom who disappears. But when Dad comes with us, he's gone in an instant. He apparently isn't adjusted to keeping together on shopping trips.

This would be me guys guys all this bad stuff happened today and I'm stressed and mad, ugh life has cursed me!

4 Life Panel - Dodgeball

This happens to me whenever I play dodge ball, I'm always the last one or two left on my team, but I can't throw for the life of me. So its kinda awkward.