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Resultado de imagen para imagenes del bebeto ese soy yo

Resultado de imagen para imagenes del bebeto ese soy yo

Sherlock. John Watson.

Do yourself a favor and start watching this insanely good series. (On Netflix, bbc, masterpiece on pbs). Benedict Cumberbatch is so sexy as the new Sherlock and Watson is played by a famous actor from one of my favorite films Lord of the Rings!

So adorable…

The second picture cracks me up. This is the face I want to make at of the people I come into contact with.

benedict reminds us of the babe

i was going to say the sherlock fandom lost it but i dont think they had it in the beginning -- My note - this cracks me up bc I don't watch Sherlock but I love me some David Bowie AND Labyrinth!



And suddenly, a wild Benedict appears. And the reaction of the girl in the blue dress

Tom Hiddleston ~ Benedict Cumberbatch ~ I blame the UK

I don't blame Disney for my high expectations of men.I blame the UK

Gif. Okay, this is one of my favorite parts, because Sherlock looks so genuinely sad and confused. He thought he was helping her, and he cared she was upset.

Sherlock realizing he hurt Molly when he meant to help her. His face is so fucking adorable it's like a little puppy face Awww I can't

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It's a brilliant conversation starter, I do believe I have used it before - not because Sherlock did, but because it's all I could think to say. I'm not exactly great at small talk…haha <-- pretty sure this is a sheldon cooper quote actually

Love it                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Molly's is soooo realistic, it looks so real! Alice X Zhang's Sherlock portraits. I'm sure I've pinned these before, but too bad. Her work is so good that the BBC have licensed some of it and prints are available to be purchased in the BBC Shop.

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The dream team for the inhuman humans, the supernatural, & the alien.

The hilarious thing about this pin is that I couldn't decide which board to pin it to.the Avengers? Doctor Who? I'll pin it on all of them


There will come a day when I don't love ruining hipster things. actually, no, I will always enjoy it.<--- honey you should see me in a crown


I swear if he's still alive when I die, if someone does not pay Benedict to burst into my funeral and say this, I will haunt them for life