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Sigo siendo...

Sigo siendo...

Suoh Mikoto, the Red King from K

SUOH MIKOTO by ~White-corner on deviantART Ps. Kinda reminds me of Kyukoro from before the fall

No matter what I do nobody is able to replace you... why?

[FR] Ils ont commencé à te manquer quand ils n'ont pas pu te remplacer.

Whisper of the Heart - Studio Ghibli

Whisper of the Heart - Fantasy Meets Reality Cityscape

Alice in Wonderland and white rabbit - Whimsical art <3 #Alice.

alice (wonderland) alice in wonderland animalization apron are you alice? blonde hair blue dress book bunny dhiea dress flower glasses hair ribbon hat juliet sleeves long hair long sleeves marianne (are you alice?

Dark souls #funny

Demon Souls in Reality

So, Don't try to DISTURB or TALKING to someone that listening to music.

So, Don't try to DISTURB or TALKING to someone that listening to music.

I don't get homework anymore but this is perfect!

Homework, Work, Chores, I will apply any responsibilities to this.D xD

They always try, but then they think I’m some snob who thinks they’re above everyone and I just don’t know how to fix it.

Manga girl <<<This describes me perfectly. I'll really want to talk about something and someone will walk up and ask me if I'm okay. I'll say "Yea" while thinking "Like I'd ever tell you! Why do I do this to myself?>>>guys this is APH Hungary

Mama os amo…pero ya me rendí quiero acabar con mi dolor.. quiero que nadie me moleste mas que nadie me critique mas que nadie me mienta mas…hoy el es Adiós que siempre desee.” | ask.fm/Danane_01

Pero nadie me ve porque soy invisible

I don't know how I got a day behind! Day 7- Mikoto Suoh from Project K. I liked him from episode one! His appearance of not seeming to care, when in reality he is all to aware of what his weaknesses are and doesn't want those he cares about to be hurt by them. My best friend hates him, but that's fine by me. :)

K Project ~~~ Mikoto Suoh, the Red King

Jolien Klaassen's original design

Beautiful goddess with horns SFX makeup idea / Pairs nicely with frosty FX contact lenses.

Meme 60: Red Pill or Blue Pill? by DigiRadiance

Meme Red Pill or Blue Pill? by DigiRadiance - blue pill

Welcome to My mad wonderland - blog about madness

The play is a bit mental remember.

anime quotes

I play to set some false ideologies their solutions and truths.