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Playin with the Balls. Nothing is happening here folks, walk on by.

We've seen many different kinds of funny animals lick many different things. However, the funniest thing to see is animals exploring glass by licking it.

Meerkat photo - Suricata suricatta - G58538 | ARKive

Meerkat resting at burrow entrance - View amazing Meerkat photos - Suricata suricatta - on Arkive

Picture Used on NSVH.  October is Squirrel Awareness Month Album.  "Let me see!" "Let ME see!" "You always see!"

Picture Used on NSVH. October is Squirrel Awareness Month Album." 2 aquirrels looking out of tree nest

Just adding to my knowledge of strange animals :)

22 strange animals--the naked mole rat on Kim possible=much cuter. I laughed so hard at the blob fish. It's just amazing how vast creation can be--all creatures great and small, weird and wonderful, the Good Lord made them all.

Inari, Fox sooo adorable! Mythical creature in Japan... wish it was real but you can get a life like stuffed animal! Kinda looks like a grimlen!

"Madagascar, Southeast Africa Monkey, they are very cute & animated!" This is not a living animal, never mind a monkey. This does not live in Madagascar. This is a toy. See more of the artist's work "Inari Foxes"

Best photobomb ever - http://jokideo.com/best-photobomb-ever/

Funny pictures about Squirrel Knows How To Photobomb. Oh, and cool pics about Squirrel Knows How To Photobomb. Also, Squirrel Knows How To Photobomb photos.

https://maschio61.tumblr.com/archive thanks for following

THIS orangutan seems to get the joke - as he opens his mouth wide and clutches his belly in a & But the dozy called Kiparis, was merely yawning after a morning spent lazing around at Moscow Zoo, Russia.

tree frog and chalkhill blue butterfy | photo wil mijer

“ Tree frog and chalk hill blue butterfly, photo Wil Mijer ” -Frog: Ohhh! You are a beautiful.

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