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aawwn *_* ~A Certain Magical index ~

ADOPTEDThis is Lily and jake they are both 13 Lily loves jake and jake likes lily but he won't admit it they are both quiet and sweet adopt?

Pocky Kiss... another way?! LoL! :D from My Little Monster!

If you look up Pocky anime it has so many images like this so I'm going to grab a box of Pocky and see if I can get a boyfriend lol

Aldnoah.Zero I can't read this but it looks cute

Zero Asseylum Vers Allusia Slaine Troyard collected by Angella Zarami Alvarez Alvarado and make your own Anime album.

Attack on titan Eren and Mikasa's first kiss.

Just meme it!

I'm going to punch you in the mouth with my mouth. Attack On Titan- Eren and Mikasa