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Boris the cat decides to be a panda. Because it's awesome to be a panda.

Why can’t I be a panda?

"Hi, I'm Boris, the cat. I've always dreamed of being a panda tough. So I tought: Why can't I be a panda? So I decided to be a panda. It's awesome to be a panda.

lol by connie

'Can I have this Fish please Tom, you know they're my favourite?' - Fishing Buddies Little Boy and Cat

When you going to be done with the shower so I can jump in and wallow in the tub bottom water?

Residents are warned to be on the lookout for a peeping tom(cat) known only as "The Masked Maligner," who hangs out in showers, making catty remarks.

you want me to do what?

Funny pictures about You have no fur. Oh, and cool pics about You have no fur. Also, You have no fur.

Stunt cat.

Stunt cat.

Amazing World beautiful amazing July 5 2014 orange tabby kitten climbing stuffed giraffe several times his size. their colors blend, the giraffe looks well-loved and oft-climbed