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DESIGN: PyroPet, the Melting Cat Skeleton Candle PyroPet is a new brand created by designer Thorunn Arnadottir and Dan Koval, product developer. PyroPet is a family of animal shaped candles that each.

lunch protection @Cyn Valentine  For ted and his "samwhich" lol

What a neat (and funny) idea! Protect your kids' lunches with these Anti-Theft Lunch Baggies (moldy sandwich anyone?

The gumPhone // Save your arms and neck while watching a movie by using your mouth to hold your phone at eye phone phone

Umbrella rain tube - Photos - World's stupidest inventions

Dumb-inventions.com includes the umbrella rain tube on its list of stupid new products. Sure, it protects you from the rain, but it won't protect you from getting mocked on the street just for carrying the thing.

Lazy Glasses

Prism Glasses are optical glasses that allow you to read in bed or watch TV while lying flat on your back. The perfect solution for those with limited mobility, these unique prism glasses are great for preventing neck cramps or eye strain.

Worlds Worst Firefighter meme chill out I got this cutbacks meme lol lulz picture funny

25 April Fool’s Day Pranks That Probably Won’t Make You A Terrible Person

Ear phone case. but kinda scary, though

20 Funny & Unique Iphone Covers You Can Actually Buy (funny covers, cool covers) - ODDEE This is awesome

iCADE – iPad Arcade Cabinet How cool would it be to slide your iPad into a desktop-sized arcade cabinet and rock it old school with some Arcade games? Enter the iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet! To use the iCade, gently slide the iPad into the cradle.

Lol omg seriously?! Hahaha

Pictured above is an advertisement for a fake product called Slip Quit - a portable slide for.

Deer Hoof Shoes

horse hoof shoes (but please not real horse hooves).i dreamed of this idea a couple years ago and keep seeing it visualized now. very fun.

Real - It’s simply called “thermochromic urinal” and it’s definitely the most colorful urinal I’ve ever seen. The Thermochromic Urinal is a heat sensitive wall that registers the temperature of the urine on its surface.

Funny pictures about Fun strollers. Oh, and cool pics about Fun strollers. Also, Fun strollers photos.

Mirrored Flower Vases

Narciso series by Giorgia Zanellato, borosilicate glass (as seen in lab equiptment) powder coated aluminum and mirrored stainless steel.