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Violin Bag  Emerald green, made of silk charmeuse.  These bag have hidden stitches, with beautiful finish, to protect your instrument´s varnish.
Violín ♪♫♥.....La música es el corazón de la vida. Por ella habla el amor; sin ella no hay bien posible y con ella todo es hermoso. Franz Liszt
My Tool Board with various carving and violin making tools- chisels, arching gouges, scroll gouges, reamers, etc. Russell Hopper Violin Maker
Una nota tras otra formando la melodía del alma, baila en su corazón... By Mer
This violin, The Harrison, is a Stradivari violin, made before 1700. It not only looks beautiful but sounds marvelous.  This is one of the highest prized musical instruments. And yes, it's art.
In this April 9, 2012 photo, a violin with five Stars of David is shown on display at the Violins of Hope exhibit at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, N.C. Eighteen violins recovered from the Holocaust and restored by Israeli violin maker Amnon Weinsten make their U.S. debut on Sunday, April 15. Some were played by Jewish prisoners in Nazi concentration camps, while others belonged to the Jewish Klezmer musical culture. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)
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Violin - Giovanni Battista Guadagnini | "ex-Joachim", 1775
Maxim Vengerov Toca un violín construido por Antonio Stradivarius "Kreutzer" de 1727.