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"Perhaps our cat Sonic was just too old, or too lazy to care about primal instinct. Or perhaps, Rosy the Rat was too blind, or too naive to worry about fear. there are no rules when it comes to love within a family." photo by Meg Kumin

Minik the Wonder Cat. Cute story!

Minik the Wonder Cat.

Minik the Wonder Cat. Cute story!

Meet Millie, the mountain climbing cat. I love this. What an awesome pet!!!

Meet Millie, the mountain climbing cat.

Meet Millie, the mountain climbing cat. What an awesome pet! I always knew I'd be an awesome cat


Everyone has at least one unstable friend, I just happen to be that friend!

All of them

Yes I do need them all

Keep your cat entertained with the best cat toys! Use interactive cat toys to engage in play sessions with your kitty

Content Cat Nuzzles Bearded Dragon (Video)

Content Cat Nuzzles Bearded Dragon (Video), best brush in the world!

a cat & a rat

a cat & a rat

Animal prosthesis

5 stars for science! Faith in humanity restored. as well as science.

Odd Animal Couples: 10 Cats Who Made Friends With Other Critters - CatTime

Kitten iPad Wallpaper

Kittie animals blue cats eyes animals, blue, cats, eyes) via www.

Ähnliches Foto

Ähnliches Foto


This looks just like my cat Dozer!

Momma cat takes in orphan hedgehog babies as her own

Mama cat Sonya adopted four orphaned hedgehog babies when they were rescued after losing their Mama, and cared for them alongside her own kitten.what do humans adopt ?



There's always one...

for those Supernatural fans who does this remind you of?

"A Mother is one to whom you run when you are feeling troubled." --Emily Dickinson

I'm a single mom of two babies. we adopted a Maine Coone kitten who was the baby of a single mom that had 3 babies and luckily a foster home took them all in. My kitten was the "momma's boy" . and he still is . but I'm the mom