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Nunca lo eh intentado pero ¿es bueno intentarlo no?, para fuertes dolores de cabeza o jaqueca, pon tu manos y tus pies en agua tibia y pon una bolsa fría en la nuca.
Kitchen Cheat Sheet: This is a fun way to remember some kitchen basics!
Chica eliminando las manchas de sus zapatos con vaselina

20 Increíbles trucos para reparar tu ropa dañada. ¡Han salvado mi guardarropa!

How to make splinter come out
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and at the same time, cause neck aches, but nevermind we've got a yoga pose for that too lol.
migraine remedies - a must read for those who suffer from these awful things.  Just tried the ice on the forehead and back of the neck and can tell you that this worked for me!

Treat a Migraine

Life hacks
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