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Snow Leopard mom and her kittens

Snow Leopard mom and her kittens - this mom has the same look in her eyes as my cat when she's trying to decide if she wants to snuggle or pounce with claws or teeth!

Snow leopard cub :)  cute!

The snow leopard, recognized for its stunning, thick hair, has a white, yellow-colored or soft grey layer with ringed places of black on brownish. The markings assist camouflage it from victim.

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Gorgeous babies in the wild Japanese Paradise Flycatcher with nestling Tiger and cub photo

Snow Leopard peekin' out.

The beautiful Snow Leopard. I love seeing these animals on TV trying to get me to part with per month. Sadly for them, I can get a small kebab for that!

~~ Snow Leopard ~~

Beautiful snow leopard - a moderately large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central Asia.

Three Siblings: Snow leopard cubs at the Cat Survival Trust, Welwyn, UK.

55 Facts about Snow Leopards

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Love snow leopards, though in some parts they are endangered. So sad! This is a snow leopard couple.

Baby Snow Leopard! , from Iryna

Snow Leopard cub-why do they have to be wild animals. I would love one of these cats.

Mountain lion with her kittens.

View of a female mountain lion (Felis concolor) with her kittens under a redrock ledge. The mountain lion is also known as the puma, and the cougar. A fully grown mountain lion has a body length of metres and a body weight of up to 100 kg.

** When we lose any animal to extinction, we lose part of our family. The jaguar, tragically, must endure the silence of the human heart.

Jaguar Twins with Mom, cubs have a death rate their first year not counting poaching

Snow leopard

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