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Okami rosary

Quick drawing while watching my girlfriend playing Okami. I love the rosary weapon, much stun-lock, such OP I will draw for food.

 Amaterasu, just sitting..... Okami!

I feel like Ammy just stomped on Issun for saying something stupid in this picture lol

okami - Buscar con Google

a simple Okami fanart that i drew with copic markers (added effects in Photoshop). just because i love that game so much!

Shleeping Ammy by Fenryk on DeviantArt

More Okami! This is going to be a button that I will be selling at conventions :]] She sho cyoot! I love dogs/wolves Okami (c) Capcom Shleeping Ammy

Shiranui -- Okami by kalicothekat on deviantART | Okami | Clover Studio | Capcom

Okami is my favorite game ever. Here, Okami Amaterasu appears to paint. Okami - Painting a Legend

694747c3f5ad3ed627fa43b7869d1fb9.jpg (736×487)

Okami fanart ^^ Ninetails was the best boss in the game, second were the twin Demons Lechku and Nechku.

Kazegami by ArtemisTheHuntress.deviantart.com on @deviantART

XP Celestial Brush god of the Galestorm from the amazing game Okami by Clover studios!

Okami - Shiranui by Favetoni.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Okami - Shiranui by Favetoni.deviantart.com on @deviantART