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Mi otra mitad!

Lucas Levitan adds cartoons to photographs by utilizing his artistic skill. These funny cartoons look as if they are really interacting with people and sur


35 fonds d'écran Rick & Morty pour PC et smartphones

IMAGINACIÓN Y TALENTO - Para pasar de lo común a lo divertido

Love this fun idea for an assignment! Will have to determine where to get the images/photos to then have students include their additions?

☛ super tipico... #imagenesgraciosas

☛ super tipico... #imagenesgraciosas

Portal de oferta educativa SENA :: Sofia Plus

Portal de oferta educativa SENA :: Sofia Plus

It's A Trap Dude!

>> I have no idea how to react>>>Bearshark. After he's eaten by Shark, Bear and Shark always high five.

comic vida

13 Cómics que definen a la perfección las dificultades de ser adulto

spoon + toothpick + banana = art?

and Bananas go hand in hand right?

This guy just has way too much time on his hands.thank you sharing creative talent. Love your refreshing touch of humor.


Terry Border is a genius. (I don't know who Terry Border is, but this made me laugh hard!

Their centers. I know it doesn't really go here.

Their centers. But dammmm Jack Frost and I'm just here in the dark fangirling. Also deciding if I ship Jack x Bunnymund or Bunnymund vs Pitch for Jack more.

Como o próprio título já diz, são coisas simples, mas que podem ser a base em qualquer relação, porque, lembre-se: mais importante do que os grandes e eventuais gestos, são as singelas e espontâneas interações no cotidiano.  Amar é…

O amor está nas pequenas coisas...

So I translated the Spanish caption and - "The Korean artist Puuung found a way to capture the simple moments in life lived as a couple. The simple details that make up a relationship.