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For a good part of the fourth episode Mary wears this gorgeous empire waisted satin gown. I’m a little bit upset that this gorgeous dress is vintage that means our chances to get this dress are quite slim. Duh. Worn with Gillian Steinhardt signet and labyrinth rings, origami necklace and Deepa Gurnani headband.
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I smile looking into your eyes I was betrothed to you I've been since I was 6 I was queen of Scotland and your king of France soon I'll be queen of both but you still haven't proposed I look into your eyes you'd just told me that the banquet we were planning for some democrats was ready it was gonna test our relationship and I was excited " it's ready!" I say grinning you nod " it's completely ready love " you say kissing me gently (open for the king please be detailed written by Maddie )
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Mary cuts a solitary and elegant figure here in 'The Prince of the Blood'. #Reign #Season2
The Phantom of the Opera. Love everything about her at this part!
Adelaide kane, Torrance Coombs, Toby regbo
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Ooooo.  Osiris.  Look out, here she comes. Archer, medieval, costume, green, renaissance, elegant sleeveless