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Lovely basket! If it's lined, would make a nice knitting bag.

Nakagawa Masashichi - Funny I was thinking along these lines to DIY a knitting bag with a locally woven basket as a base.


Jennifer Heller Zurick : Willow Bark Willow bark baskets by Jennifer Heller… …

DIY Woven Rope Basket: an easy weave using yarn, a hair clip (or embroidery needle) and hemp rope.

DIY Woven Rope Basket

CeciBean: DIY Woven Rope Basket all you need it rope, yarn and a hair clip!


Valentina Hoyos, Colombia ( working with traditional crafters she produces beautiful ecological and ethical home designs)

French Wicker Grape Harvest Hotte

Rare French wicker and cleft oak harvest hotte, specific to the Champagne region of Burgundy. Used to pick the grapes off the vine and then transported from the

Diseño en esparto...

Diseño en esparto...

Ash splint...Cherokee style basket necklace.  55

Cane and rattan repair for cane chairs and furniture by Gina Peers in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Summer bag

Take a simple woven basket and add lace, ribbon and tassles for a more glamorous effect ^-^ Supernatural Style

Lámpara esparto cuadrada

Lámpara esparto cuadrada