Sei biancha

The “Sei Giorni” model was one of the most significant of all Vespas. Highly sought after by collectors, only 300 models were produced, destined for regularity rallies. It took its name from the International Six Days Enduro race, for which it was specifi


The first Vespa model, launched in Images courtesy of Vespa USA. Vespa motor scooters have been manufactured by Piaggio since but 2013 marks th


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Vespa Super Sprint 90, 1966 - A special series derived from the Vespa 50/90 cc and the “new” 125, the hold-all was positioned between the saddle and the handlebar for a more “laid-back” riding style. The handlebar was narrow and low, and the mudguard and cowling were streamlined. With an engine capacity of only 90 cc, it could do 93 km/h.

The Super Sprint 90 is no doubt the most stylish Vespa with its unmistakable aggressive design, “its speed, its irresistible spurt and its s.

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This was the last Vespa in the legendary GS series, first produced in 1955 with successive engine and styling improvements made to the VS v.


One of the first ever designed scooters, designed in 1946 the Vespa takes a huge place in the history of Italian Design and the world of transportation.