Destiny Titan

The sunbreakerEDIT - About the helmet: That seems to bug off a lot of persons to the point of insulting me, I play striker and I love the design of the helmet, it’s my absolute fav’, so for once: fuck off.

Destiny Warlock by DJBshadow on DeviantArt

A speed paint of a friends character from destiny. Destiny has so many great designs I just had to paint something from the game XD Destiny Warlock

Destiny - Rise of Iron

Lord Saladin by ______________________________________________ Partners/Fam: 🌝 💥 😏 😆 🐔 💀 🐸 😎 💜 👽 🅿️ ______________________________________________ Clan: ______________________________________________ Tags:

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To all the great adventures we will go on in 2016 in the Destiny Universe.

Something for the Titans out there

DESTINY: TITAN What's sad is the fact I haven't played Destiny for almost 6 months and I don't have any of the DLCs which sucks considering The Taken King is almost out.