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A quote from Miguel de Cervantes who was a famous novelist about love, which was one of the things he was known for

Love and desire are two different things; one doesn't love everything you desire nor desire everything you love.

Hay dos tipos de dolor: uno es el que te lástima y el otro el que te cambia

Hay 2 tipos de dolor, uno es el que te lastima y el otro el que te cambia! There are two types of pain, one is the one that hurts you; and the other is the one that changes you!

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"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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Los limites solo se encuentran en tu propia mente The limits are only found in your own mind

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Trans: " Men think that the dream of every woman is to find the perfect man. "Los hombres piensan que el sueño de toda mujer es encontrar al hombre perfecto. Es comer y no engordar.

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