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de la gezzy

de la gezzy

Regret...  & no, it's not a tamagotchi pet, it's a necklace he'd made Padme.

A man reflecting on his life realizes he has wronged many people but still has only one regret. Regret by Pablo Stanley<<< Damn it! The feels!

Day 25 | Saddest anime death | Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist) | "Mom, why... Why are they burying daddy?"

Hughes :'( I still cry every time I watch both of the scenes in the original fma and fma brotherhood.

When they gave away some spoilers. | 26 Tumblr Posts About "Star Wars" Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

26 Tumblr Posts About "Star Wars" Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

When I go for long walks or sit out on my porch at night for a while with nothing to distract me, it feels like my mind is able to sort through all the extraneous thoughts and mental noise I’ve accumulated and just kind of… let it go. It’s something I don’t do often enough.

"Dreaming is out of the box thinking." Introspection by Alexandra Douglass. I want this print so badly, or better, a stretched canvas print of it.

watch [The Last of Us comic] by Ununununium on deviantART now I'm just all out sobbing

"you kept complaining about your broken watch."(by unbadger)