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Clayton Hunter Gran Danés europeo pesa alrededor de 205lbs.

Clayton Hunter Gran Danés europeo pesa alrededor de 205lbs.

Stunning eyes!

blue eyes Would like some evolutionist to explain why these dogs have blues eyes. God likes to keep us confounded with His majesty!❤️ Husky's blue eyes are the prettiest

The fountain of youth.

The fountain of youth.

Мои закладки

Мои закладки

Ok,  we're listening...

Emerald's Real Deal At Everlast (Vander) X Mi-T's Electrical Storm (Tesla) *I KNOW these two gorgeous Boxers!

Damn mondays

All of these describe me at some point during the morning. 28 Dogs That Know Exactly How You Feel This Morning

The Exact Two Great Dane Pups I want! Their Names Would be Riot and Ramsay!!

Great Dane Pups Digital Art by Maxine Bochnia - Great Dane Pups Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Very true! I should have listened to mine lol he didn't care for my ex ...

This is the face my Rottweiler Shug made at me before we bcame best friends. She originally belonged to my sister. I guess Shug decided I was ok because I never saw this face again. Shug turned out to be one of my most affectionate dogs.

Baby Booties

Okay, the picture's super cute, but I love the idea of the PVC pipe dog bed!

That dog looks so cool!!!

The Great Dane breed is as lovable as it is big. Despite their great size and their original purpose of hunting large boar, Great Danes are quiet and delicate, and have been called Gentle Giant. The Great Dane dog breed is a hunting breed developed in-

Lol this is awesome!

19 Gentle Giant Dogs with Their Tiny Human Friends

This kid has the right idea with this St Bernard pup. Yes that is a pup! St Bernards can grow a lot bigger and this baby has an animal that he can ride through the school gates into playgrounds battles when he gets older.