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Thank you to my customer in Gold Coast, Australia who purchased 2 products! Enjoy your Vintage Brillant Camera iPad Mini Case

Refurbished Photo Equipment - The Ilott Vintage Cameras are Distinct and Elegant (GALLERY)

Ilott Vintage takes classic mid-century rangefinder cameras and refurbishes them to working order. Ilott replaces their worn out leathers with wood veneer making each camera completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

I love the styling of this camera.  Reminds me of an Argus my dad had, which tucked into a beautiful leather case.  Has a lovely steampunk feel, in a way.  Oooh... steampunk journalist outfit? ~DMdL

early Leica I may have to start an early/retired camera collection for the top of the LR built ins.

No time like the past | Fort Silver

Rollei flex cameras are a great accent for the treasure hunter steampunk outfit. They just have the look without any alterations!, via Karen Doman

Vintage Cameras, gotta get going on my collection!

44 essential digital camera tips and tricks

*Love this Vintage Telephone!

Vintage awesome phone by A Bella Life.I'm sure kids today would look at this and be like what is this huge contraption?