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ℓιвяα ♎️

I won't share the name of this friend of mine.she was sooo scared of something(won't state what).I started crying on the other side of the screen, only wishing for her to feel no pain.

"Libra & Anger: Libra will first question the justification of their anger, and if they decide that it's fully justified, they will act extremely irrationally. There's a good and perfectly sensible reason for their deranged fury, but because of their naturally calm and balance demeanor, people will often dismiss their reasonable and coherent explanation that they give before hand." - zodiacsociety

Furious is far too gentle. Helen erupting at the same time as Vesuvius. Much more accurate. basically my life.

Well I'm neither introvert or extrovert. Plain and simple.

Very, very true. They know when it's time for fun and time to be serious. Sometimes there isn't much time in between and you just have to turn that goofball switch off and on at any given moments notice.

Libra zodiac sign, astrology and horoscope star sign meanings with many astrological pictures and descriptions.

Libra dislikes: Confusion, sloppiness, pressured decisions, being rushed, criticism.