hofgythia: I love how the fire is just implied here. Also it reminds me of “Ironwood Jotun Power Couple” Loki, hangin’ with Angrboda.

The Norns by UnripeHamadryad.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

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Loki by Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham ~ The Rhinegold and the Valkyrie ~ William Heinemann ~ 1910 “The Rhine’s pure-gleaming children told me of their sorrow.

Pagan art

coldalbion: “mspencerillustration: “One-Eyed A depiction of the Germanic deity Odin and his two Ravens as a stag.

Odin's Grey Hawk

Odin's Grey Hawk

Loki by Heidi Black

Last one I’ll get done for gem city this weekend (probably.) I wanted to do a myth Loki - one based on actual viking culture and Norse myths, rather than the marvel versions.

Happy Lokiday!!!!! (Glædelig Lørdag!!!!!) My first thought, when I saw this, was that it was a drawing of the Boss and Odin back in the day. But, um, look at the tea cup! This is MUCH more recent. But why are They in their pre-Ragnarøk forms? (Red-haired Loki and Odin in Von Sydow/All Father aspect.) What are They up to, do you think? Mythology Loki

Odin: I will give you a rune reading if you pay for my capuchino, OK, Loki? Runes and Coffee

Photo: Cernunnos

celtic-forest-faerie: “{Forest King} by {CG-Warrior} ”

Wait, what by ~spanielf on deviantART

Drawing calms me down a little, sadly i won't have time for it in the nearest future Wait, what