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Odontología Actual 138

Odontología Actual 138

'Dental Hygienist' Mug

'Dental Hygienist' Mug

Dental Hygienists brighten the world one smile at a time. :) I want this mug once i graduate!

Has eight different tools in your mouth. Still tries to carry on a conversation with you. *US Air force Security Forces


The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. Ask a dental assistant. The human tongue can lift up to 80 times its own weight.

Flossing Frosty

Flossing isn’t so much about removing food debris as it is about removing dental…

Not that you floss

Where To Get Your Teeth Whitened

When you ask a patient to bite down down normally

OMG this is THE MOST aggravating thing ever 😂😂😂. I be lik, "Ok, just swallow.

Tips and Tricks for Visiting the Dentist with Kids. @Bev Burgan Pediatric Dentistry #burgpediatric #kidsdentist

Ten tips for taking kids to the dentist. Have a better dentist visit for kids. Tear free dentist visit for kids. Tips for going to the dentist with kids.