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Muwi Automated Lawnmower. Grass cutting is a bore, but even the most monotonous chores can be remedied if you make it fun. The Muwi concept is an automated mower barreled shape to compact grass cuttings into balls and disks for, get this. . . to play with. Of course if you’re the type that hates grass stains, these balls and disks are also perfect as compost fertilizer.

‘Muwi’ automatically cuts the grass! The cut grass is stored inside. It then compresses the cut grass into ball or disks to play with/compost. Best lawn mower EVER! This makes me want to have a lawn to mow!

iPhone case that prints out your pictures like a Polaroid by Mac Funamizu.. I need this!!

The Sophie is another concept from the venerable Mac Funamizu. The iPhone dock/case prints photos just like a Polaroid. A QR code and geo

Fancy - Fountain Pen with Highlighter Ink

Fountain Pen with Highlighter Ink

Plunger refill fountain pen of transparent methacrylate. - Extra Broad Fountain Pen with Highlighter Ink

Deluxe Corn Stripper, Corn on the Cob Stripper, Corn Kernel Remover | Solutions

Deluxe Corn Stripper - Corn on the Cob Stripperand Corn Kernel Remover

LED wallpaper

Wallbrights are a modular stick-on multicolored lighting solution that can be controlled via an app. – This would be a great source of dim ambient light in my den.

Why hasn't this been done before?  Great idea for a guest bathroom when you want to keep the decorative towels on the wall rack.

Shower Curtain Rod & towel rack together or u could just put up another pretty shower rod.Or curtain rod& save a lot of dough!

Китайский ученый знает 20 000 иероглифов. Для того, чтобы читать китайскую литературу, достаточно знать 1000. Знание 200 иероглифов позволят вам понимать 40% литературы, дорожные знаки, меню в ресторане, интернет-сайты или газеты. Но для начала изучения хватит 8-ми.

Chineasy’s goal is to allow people to learn to read Chinese easily by recognising characters through simple illustrations—cool!

Unique Stocking Stuffers for Men - Great ideas to fill those stockings.

Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men