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Smart is the one who knows where he wants to go and more intelligent even if he knows where you no longer have to return.

10 frases sobre comunicación

"Si no actúas como piensas, vas a acabar pensando como actúas" 10 frases sobre comunicación


"She fell in love like all the intelligent women fall in love.like an idiot." -Ángeles Mastreta Hahahaha en verdad que si!


10 frases celebres de Einstein, de Lombok Design y Social Media TIC’s and Training


"The Princess Who Had No Kingdom" - Ursula Jones (text) & Sarah Gibb (illustrations) (from Orchard Books)


The happiest people are not the ones that have the best of everything but the ones that make the best with what they have.

Donde la ignorancia grita y ofende la inteligencia debe callar y salir.

Never mistake my silence with ignorance, my calm with acceptance or my kindness with weakness.

Red sociaal

The best social net is a good meal surrounded by the people you love the most.