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Pluto planet facts - when will pluto complete its first orbit since its discovery? WTF FUN FACTS HOME / See MORE TAGGED/ science . Really slow, I wonder if this will even make the news when it finally does manage to finish its first orbit.

If you ever see me pulling this shit, jump in and save my ass. I'm probably drowning!

Funny pictures about A very touching moment. Oh, and cool pics about A very touching moment. Also, A very touching moment.

Kinda interesting

However if you say, I never said she stole my friends money has eight different meanings depending on what word u stress

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So that's why!

doorways and memory loss MORE OF WTF FACTS are coming HERE awesome and fun facts ONLY Not convinced that this is true. But pinning just in case!


WTF Fun Fact # 525 - The name of the small piece of paper sticking out of a Hershey ' s Kiss

Shortest Flight Recorded

World’s shortest commercial flight is miles long and lasts 47 seconds - WTF fun facts


WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts And if you do that, that's a lifetime, sounds awfully routine