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SS Tank Hunters in Russia

Anti-tank positions, spring SS armed with Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck.

Bocage Fighting, Normandy 1944///I served in the USAF with a guy who's last name was Bocage. I would call him hedgerow.

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Wehrmacht soldiers fighting and behind them you can see the PaK 40 75mm cannon

- Axis AT: Wehrmacht troops take cover behind a stone wall. Deployed behind them is a PaK 40 anti-tank gun.

Waffen-SS support by fire positon made of & machine guns. Note the spare barrel slung at the backs of the gunners.

Foro de Historia Militar el Gran Capitán • Ver Tema - Pinturas, láminas e imágenes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Snipers with the Gewehr 43 with telescopic sight Zielfernrohr 4 (Zf


Gebirgsjäger are the light infantry part of the alpine or mountain troops (Gebirgstruppe) of Germany and Austria. The word Jäger (meaning "hunter" or "huntsman") is a characteristic term used for light-infantry or light-infantryman in German-speaking mili

Panzer IV Ausf.H

By the new Russian and tanks hunters, and and were introduced, with high velocity guns, which outclassed the late J. It is estimated that a crippling 6153 Panzer IVs were lost on the Eastern Front, amounting to a total of all deliveries.