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Streamtime - Logo Resolve

Streamtime - Logo Resolve

Lax bro. When cradling doesn't refer to rocking a baby.

28 Things You'll Only Understand If You Play Lacrosse

Jocks making a Harry reference? Dear lord, I think I just spontaneously released an egg.

So my brother and his friends took their Senior Lacrosse picture...

With having strep, thought I'd just run a little. But, it ended up being my best run ever! How is that? Sick = more endurance?

Running can definitely be therapy and sometimes just lacing up the shoes and heading out the door is enough.

Scariest day of a soccer girls life. But I made the team I wanted to get on!!#SanJuanSpirits

Today I had the meeting for soccer. My self-esteem went six feet under. So nerve racking! There's only 4 spots on the team to fill!