sam weber     Reminds me of the White witch even though it's really an illustration for a story that uses the character's from the Tempest by Shakespeare

Cliches in fantasy book covers, and better examples, eg Prospero lost

"Soulpepper Theatre" by Sam Weber

Sam Weber (US) - Soulpepper Theatre Series, 2009 .

sam weber illustration illustrator

Sam Weber

Illustrations by Sam Weber. A personal favourite of mine, really really fantastic stuff. I would love to see his colouring

Erratic Phenomena: Travis Louie's "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Monster"

Molly my favourite strangler, this is forever my most loved piece Travis Louie art 🕷

VFYkrUy-9k4.jpg (787×1024)

f Rogue Thief Sword urban sewers [Mary Read by anoratheirin]

Sam Weber. This totally creeps me out-is he suppose to be a child molester? Yikes! I'm not going to confessional.

Sam Weber's sinister illustration for "The Priest That Preyed" in New York Times.

[공유] Karla Ortiz : 네이버 블로그

[공유] Karla Ortiz : 네이버 블로그

Sam Weber

Illustrations by Sam Weber

sam-weber-3.jpg (480×480)

His illustrations = creepy + beautiful

'The Guardsman' Soulpepper Theatre print by Sam Weber

Surrealism and Visionary art: Sam Weber

Sam Weber

Mistletoe By Sam Weber.

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Sam Weber is an Alaskan born illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York.

Greg Ruth

Vernacchio (Fanfulla) in Fellini Satyricon by Edward Kinsella.

Photograph of male head with overlay of anatomical muscles.

Awesome Face Tattoo Design for Men and Women

Cover illustration to Jim Butcher's Codex Alera on Behance

The Greenman, Cernunnos /Herne the Hunter. By Artist Unknown.