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Rodimus<<< Why is he smiling! His arm just fell off!<<<<*in a haunted minor key* "I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known"

I think this is cute, if only Jack wasn't in the picture I would ship it HARD. Jack is canon :(<<<I have set sail to tho ship, I captain this ship, an you can suck it cause I dot give a scrap

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XD << This kid XD<<I think he's talking about my board. XD

XD << This kid XD<<I think he's talking about my board. XD<<<I love his character, but I wish I knew the original Rodimus. I've only seen him after Getaway stole his ship, but I've seen the new ones attitude and I kinda want him to burn in hell


More Than Meets the Eye Rodimus

Transformers, Gay

80ilustraciones de Transformers, NO la basura de Michael Bay

Prime by evilwinnie on deviantART this almost made me cry.///// WHY is it that a show about giant robots from outer space can make me so emotional?

TF: robot shaming by flutterjet on deviantART (Starscream's 'I do not have an indoor voice' one gets me every time I see this.